Simple Science Experiment
Rubber Band Shoot

This simple science experiment can be done a single person or a group. This fun experiment uses rubber bands and rulers to test the distance different sizes and widths of rubber bands will travel. Invite a group of friends over to do group testing of the rubber bands is great fun for all.

Simple Science Experiment, Rubber Band Shoot, Photo Myrna MartinShooting rubber bands is always fun


  • Variety of rubber bands
  • Ruler for each participant
  • Tape measure
  • Masking tape
  • Paper and pencil


  1. Mark the starting line for the experiment with a piece of tape.
  2. Hold the ruler so the front end is directly above the starting line.
  3. Slip the rubber band over the front of the ruler.
  4. Pull the other end back to the 6" or 15 cm mark on your ruler.
  5. Let the rubber band go.
  6. Measure the distance the rubber band travels with the tape measure.
  7. Record the information on a sheet of paper.
  8. Make a prediction how far the rubber band will travel when stretched to 7" or 18 cm.
  9. Do the experiment and check your results.
  10. Write these results on your sheet of paper.
  11. Stretch your rubber band two more times each time adding one inch or 3 cm to the previous length.
  12. Repeat this experiment with different widths and diameter or rubber bands.
  13. Each time make a prediction and write the information down on your piece of paper.
  14. Create a graph showing distance traveled plus width and length of each rubber band tested.

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