Science News For Kids

Science News for Kids

Current Events in Science - Blast off to the Moon:  NASA recently sent an unmanned space craft to study the thin atmosphere on the Moon. The space craft will take over a month to reach the Moon before it begins its studies. Find out more about this Moon mission by clicking the link.

Current Events in Earth Science - The Endangered Honey Bees: Honey bees have been dying off in record numbers in recent years. Find out about the research into the problem and how the colonies of the bees are collapsing.

Flying birds

Saving millions of birds from flying into windows

Kids Current Events – Saving the Birds: Birds are dying in record numbers because they do not see the glass in buildings. Find out how researchers are trying to save the birds and what you can do to keep them from hitting your windows.

Science Articles for Kids – Tamu Massif, A Giant Volcano: One of the largest volcanoes known in the Solar System was recently discovered off the coast of Japan. Find out more about the giant volcano that is larger than Moana Loa.

Science Trivia includes information about astronaut’s footprints on the Moon, when ancients Greeks discovered static electricity, Stonehenge and how satellites help map makers create maps.

GPS satellite, NASA

GPS Satellite, NASA

Science Inventions The Global Positioning System was invented during the Cold War. It was designed by scientists for the US Military at a cost of billions of dollars. Today it is used in airplanes, cars, and cell phones. The US Navy began using the system in 1960 for ship navigation. Today it is used in airplanes, cars, and cell phones.

More Links to Science Articles

Current Events in Science - NASA’s New Moon Mission

Current Events in Earth Science - Endangered Honey Bees

Kids Current Events - Saving the Birds

Science Articles for Kids - Shield Volcanoe - Tamu Massif

Science Trivia

Science Inventions Global Positioning System (GPS)

Science News for Kids


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