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Mentos Fun

This science experiment using Mentos candy and diet coke is a classic. It is fun and can be used as an experiment or science fair project. The experiment involves dropping a piece of Mentos candy into a liter of diet Coke. It is so popular that it was featured on an episode of Myth Busters.

Science Experiment, Mentos Experiment, Photo by Myrna MartinMentos Experiment


  • Liter bottle of diet Coke or Pepsi
  • Package of Mentos candy


  1. This experiment should be done outside in an open area.
  2. Take one or two pieces of Mentos candy out of the wrapper.
  3. Open the bottle of diet coke and step back out of the way.
  4. Here are some hints to make an even bigger geyser.
  5. Use warm pop and do the experiment on a warm day.
  6. Make holes in the candies and string them together so they can all be dropped in at the same time.
  7. You can also take a piece of white pipe found in plumbing sections of a hardware store.
  8. Make sure the pipe will fit on the top of the coke bottle and the Mentos candy will slip through.
  9. The pipe should be about an inch taller than a package of Mentos candy.
  10. Make a slot in the pipe half way through that is thick enough to hold a quarter.
  11. Place a quarter in the slot and load your pipe with Mentos candy.
  12. Open the liter and pop and place the pipe over it and remove the quarter.
  13. After the candy has dropped inside step back and watch the fun.

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