Pacific Typhoon

Super Typhoon Nina

A Pacific typhoon occurs in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. An identical storm in the northeastern part of the Pacific Ocean is called a Pacific hurricane. Both of these storms were once tropical cyclones that increased in intensity into major storms.

Banquiano Dam after Pacific Typhoon Nina destroyed it NOAA

Pacific Ocean typhoon season

There is no official typhoon season in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean like there is in the Atlantic Ocean. The reason there is no official typhoon season is because they occur all year long. August on average will have 6.6 typhoons during the month while.

March usually has only 1 typhoon every other year. Northeast of the Philippines is the most active place on our planet for tropical storms.

Super Typhoon Nina

Typhoon Nina in 1975 was a super typhoon that struck China. It is considered the second deadliest typhoon in recorded history. It destroyed the Banquiao Dam. The collapse of the dam triggered great flooding in the country. The flooding caused the collapse of many other dams magnifying the damage. It is estimated that over 100,000 people died as a result of Super Typhoon Nina.

El Nino and La Nina years

El Nino and La Nina alter the paths of cyclones and typhoons. During El Nino and neutral years Japan and Korea do not have as many storms hit their coast. During La Nina years the China coast has an increase in the number of storms making landfall.

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