Fossil Activity
Dinosaur Placemat

In this fossil activity you will create a dinosaur placemat. Scientists have discovered many dinosaur bones and put them together so we know what they look like. What we don't know is what color they were. Pick your favorite dinosaur for the placemat and color it any color you think it looked like when it was alive.

Fossil activity, Dinosaur placemat. Photo Myrna MartinDinosaur Placemat


  • 12 x 18 inch sheet of white paper
  • Dinosaur picture
  • Colored felt pens
  • Clear contact paper


  1. Draw a picture of a dinosaur on the 12 x 18 inch sheet of paper.
  2. Color the dinosaur with the felt pens.
  3. Create a background where the dinosaur might be living to add interest to your picture.
  4. Cover the front and back of the picture with clear contact paper.
  5. Create more dinosaur pictures for a set of placemats that you can use when dining with family or friends.

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