Simple Science Activities
Earth Cookies

These simple science activities demonstrate the major parts of the Earth. The Earth consists of the outer layer called the crust where we live. Below the crust is the mantle which is has the largest volume.

Near the center of the Earth the rocks melt and we have the liquid outer core. The inner core is solid rock. You will create these layers of the Earth with a cookie, frosting and cinnamon candy.

Simple Science Activities, Earth Cookies Photo Myrna MartinDecorating an Earth Cookie


  • Cookie
  • Chocolate frosting
  • Yellow frosting
  • Cinnamon candies
  • Spatula or table knife


  1. Spread chocolate frosting almost to the edge of the cookie.
  2. Make a round circle of yellow frosting at the center of the cookie on top of the chocolate frosting.
  3. Place several cinnamon candies in the center of the yellow frosting.
  4. The outer edge of the cookie represent the Earth's crust.
  5. The chocolate frosting represents the mantle of the Earth.
  6. The yellow frosting represents the outer core of molten rock.
  7. The red cinnamon candies represent the solid inner core.
  8. Next time you want to do some fun science activities make a whole bunch of cookies and have your family or friends help you decorate them.

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